On Sunday, August 19 as he serves  a one-month term over organising protests in an exclusive Moscow  detention centre, where he has been since the day of the decision was made by the court. According to Ivan Melnikov, the executive secretary of the Public Monitoring Commission, Udaltsov “was hospitalised for medical reasons”, “in our presence, the doctor measured his blood pressure, took a blood sugar test and made the decision for urgent hospitalisation. In our presence, [Udaltsov] was taken away in an ambulance”.  A spokesman for the PMK also added that Udaltsov had previously complained of kidney pain. The interlocutor  of the agency suggested that “when [Udlatsov] was placed in the detention centre, he announced a hunger strike which was perhaps responsible for the deterioration of his health”. According to Udlatsov’s wife, Sergei was detained by police on August 14 and accused of “destroying portraits of persons resembling the leaders of state, which allegedly violated the order of the event” at the political rally on July 28. The rally in question was held in Moscow and was directed against changes in the pension legislation. According to the press service of the Moscow State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 6,500 people took part in the rally. It should be noted that the rally was permitted by Moscow authorities.