Statement of the Left Front Executive Committee on the arrest of Sergei Udaltsov

On August 14, Meshyansky court in Moscow arrested our comrade Sergei Udaltsov for 30 days. History is being repeated through the events of 2011-2012, when the authorities continuously engaged in arresting Sergei, neglecting all plausible reasons. This time he was accused of “unauthorised action” on July 28. The current event was previously permitted by authorities, yet Sergei was locked up for a month for allegedly burning several sheets of paper with portraits of members of government responsible for the new anti-human pension reforms.

As in 2011-2012 the authorities are afraid of the political activism of Sergei. Perhaps even more so now. After all, 90% of Russians oppose to the increase of the retirement age. The exaggerated propagandistic ratings of Putin’s United Russia party, Medvedev and Putin are falling. The Left Front and Sergei himself remains as one of the main organisers and coordinators of the protest campaign. It is exactly for this sole reason that he has once again been thrown into prison.

On July 28 there were no claims made against Sergei. He is now held in custody and in isolation in order to be unable to prepare for the rally against the reform which will be held on September 2. Additionally, he will be unable to participate in the electoral Mayor campaign held in Moscow on September 9. It appears that without actions of repression, the current government is unable to win the upcoming elections.

We call on everyone to help support our friend Sergei Udaltsov. In protest against the lawlessness of the authorities he went on a hunger strike. Sergei will continue the hunger strike, despite whatever it may cost him. He needs our and your solidarity! On September 2 we call on all honest people to protest against the insolent robbery of our people by a handful of fattening oligarchs.

On September 9, the Executive Committee of the Left Front calls on all those who disagree with the government’s policy to stand at the polling station and vote against the ruling party of Putin’s regime which imposes poverty, humiliation and repression against the people of Russia. Additionally, we also call on all freedom-loving people to become observers at polling stations to complicate the very much possible falsifications of elections on all levels, especially the election of the Mayor of Moscow which will be held on September 9, 2018.

Freedom to Sergei Udaltsov! No increase in the retirement age! Down with the power of crooks and thieves!

The Executive Committee of the Left Front